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interior designer \\ blogger \\ presenter \\ author


I have been fortunate enough to work in the UK, Europe, Asia and South Africa, giving me fantastically diverse experience. I have worked on big budget projects for Fendi and LVMH, gorgeous local restaurants, high street retail stores, penthouse show flats, serviced apartments and many homes – as long as it’s awesome, I’m in!


I started my award-winning blog, Homeology, in 2014 (I’m really proud of it so I tend to brag about it a little 😉 ). I blog about design, DIY, food and anything else home and décor related. ‘Cause I’m super passionate about interiors, and because I believe ANYONE can make a beautiful home.


Before I studied interior design, I got my BA Drama degree from Stellenbosch. So, I tend to be a bit dramatic and OTT. It makes life interesting! It also contributed to my passion for strutting my stuff in front of the camera. I have demo’d DIY’s on morning television a few times and my first TV series, STYLSTRYD, was aired on VIA in 2016. I am excited about my new show coming soon!


Because I love to make stuff and write about it, I also co-wrote a book with art school friend, Margaux Tait. Make Your Home (Random House Struik, 2015) is the first, but certainly not my last.



I work from my home in the most amazing Franschhoek Valley (I know – how lucky am I?!) I have 3 gorgeous boys and a lovely husband, and we spend our days building our extraordinary life.


  • I am a qualified traditional Flying Star Feng Shui consultant (Master Raymond Lo, Hong Kong, 2008).
  • I have written a couple of interior design courses: a quick transform-your-home-in-7-days course for Homeology, and a more meaty course for Trendimi.
  • I was Miss Saldanha Junior 1986. It’s my real claim to fame. The town still hosts a parade in my honour every year on February 30th.
  • I try to monotask as much as possible. Helps me stay in the moment, see?
  • I love coffee. And tea. It’s a toss-up between them, really. As long as I have either, I am happy.
  • I also love rollercoasters. In fact, I got engaged on a rollercoaster. If you want to know more about that, contact me!